Nigel Clarke

Concept - 'Gentleman cat burger'

Scion of Hermes, trickster, spoiled dilettante, and expert cat burglar

Nigel is a 33 year old Londoner who, at least on paper, is a senior executive at the prestigious real estate firm of Barstow and Eves. He rarely shows up at work and in fact his position was arranged by his father, Lord Alexander Clarke, who as a member of the landed nobility and House of Lords secured the well paid position for his son via a favor from a senior vice president. Although Nigel was afforded the finest upbringing (including a few years at Oxford before politely being asked to leave) he never managed to make much of himself and has been quietly supported by his family so that he doesn't bring embarrassment to the family name.

What no one knows is that Nigel does indeed have a passion, one that he works hard for practicing and studying. Growing up, Nigel was quite the voracious reader especially Victorian era British fiction. He devoured the Sherlock Holmes stories, but what really became the favorite were the tales of A.J. Raffles, the gentleman thief. Nigel saw a lot of himself in the upper class Englishman 'gentleman burgler' Raffles. It was the books that started Nigel on the path of his current 'hobby' as he likes to think of it.

Today, Nigel is an accomplished 'cat burglar' -  a thief who specializes in breaking and entering and removing select valuables without sounding a single alarm. Nigel doesn't steal for the money. No, his primary motivations involve the notoriety of the theft (how rare is the target, or how impenetrable is the location) and the novelty of the challenge of pulling off an 'impossible' heist. He also operates under a strangely archaic code of ethics, refusing to harm anyone in the course of the theft, never stealing from those who can't afford the loss, and always treating those less fortunate than himself with respect, honor, and support. He likes to think of himself as an old fashioned gentleman (minus the class-ism, sexism, and racism of the past).