Baptiste St'Claire
Baptiste is a man of medium height, no greater than five ten or so. He's broad shouldered, well muscled, and extraordinarily handsome. He has rich caramel skin and long black hair usually pulled back into a fluffy que or braided against his scalp. His eyes are a vibrant hazel flecked green often gleaming with light.

Baptiste's attire differs vastly depending on where he is and how he feels. It is always extremely nice and expensive, ranging from designer custom tailored suits to well fitted jeans and a shirt. His shoes are tended to with equal devotion and the minimum jewelry he dons are often in silvers and muted grays and blacks.

He moves with a subtle casual refinement that draws attention. Each gesture flows from one to the next to create a symphony of grace. When he speaks his voice whispers through the air. A gentle smile more often graces his lips than not, prefacing a softly spoken quip or gentle teasing remark. There is a firmness to that velvet though. A suggestion that those calm soothing tones can shift to something different if so pushed.

Whether his presence inspires awe, attraction, or fear it is simple enough to say.

He is an arresting figure.