Shao Wulong

Standing at a modest 5'9" and weighing in at a modest 143lbs, Shao is best described as a force of nature. Despite his lack of size, his body is toned and chiseled as if cut from raw stone. He keeps his dark black hair short, often standing on end in a mussed display, his dark almond shaped eyes peering out with a practiced precision. He often dresses in dark shirts and loose trousers, as well as a pair of light running shoes, giving him a level of mobility not afforded by a proper suit so customary of an Inspector.

Even while overseas, he keeps his HKPF badge handy, finding even without being in his proper jurisdiction, criminals will still answer to a badge. In his back pocket is almost always a notebook and pen, which he uses to take very intricate notes of his surroundings and of what people say.