Name: Dimitri Randalovich Stephanov

Nicknames: "Dimka" (family), "Mitri or Mitya" (Cyrena), "Godzilla" (Sam and Cyrena)

Race: Werewolf (Alpha)

Age: 26

Date of Birth: Dec 9th

Place of Birth: Baia, Russia

Captain in the Spetznaz Special Forces, Russian Federation (former)
Owner of Stephanov Landscaping Inc.

Hobbies: Dimitri is passionate about antique appraisal (particularly those items with strong ties to the occult), reading old western books and driving Cyrena to (near) insanity with want (lol)

Physical Description: Dimitri Belikov was described to be extremely handsome and attractive: a height of 6'7, shoulder-length brown hair that is tied back in a short ponytail, dark golden-brown eyes, and a long, lean, yet very muscular physique.

Personality: Exemplifying the quiet, dignified bearing of a Soldier; Dimitri always appearing calm, stoic and alert. Being very much the alpha male he can come off as gruff and strict at first but he is actually quite kind and loving deep down. He is very much protective and loyal to those he cares about and is always one to take his responsibilities seriously when it comes to the care and protection of his people. Dimitri is a very strong powerful and unyielding; he is very slow to anger, choosing to bottle his emotions up until he is able to work them out in more constructive ways (kicking ass in a gym), but when pushed past that edge he erupts like a volcano: fast and encompassing. But, even at his angriest, he always keeps his strength in check against those weaker or less capable than himself.

His mother and grandmother raised him to a kind and considerate and naturally possesses more than just a bit of that old world charm that draws people in with courteous manners and mildly accented voice.

Personal History: TBW