Cyrena Trevors-Courtland
Character Information

Name: Cyrena Rose Travers-Courtland

Aliases: Cyrena Courtland "C.C" (professtional)

Race: Witch

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Home Town:New Heaven

Residential Locale: Lake House

Occupation: Fashion Designer



Background: Cyrena is the only child of Jacob and Saphira Courtland college sweethearts that married right out of school. She grew up in the Courtland family home in New Haven. With his skills, Jacob started a computer company specializing in software development. Which, at the start of the internet age took off by leaps and bounds. Though Saphira appeared to be a caring stay-at-home wife and mother, Cyrena was practically raised by the housekeeper and the au pair that was hired to oversee to her care and the running of the household because Saphira would not be swayed from her lofty aspirations of becoming New Haven's First Lady. The first five years of Cyrena's life were relatively happy ones largely due to her father until his untimely death in a botched convenient store robbery. Jacob's passing brought his cousin Phil and his wife Marina back into Cyrena's life along with their own only daughter, Anastasia - who Cyrena enjoyed playing the younger sister/cousin to with gleeful abandon - much to Ana's chagrin. Without the golden goose to maintain the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed Saphira saw no reason to keep up appearances in New Haven and moved on to greener pastures with her share of the life insurance policy left to her while leaving Cyrena in the care of Jacob's family at every opportunity and when they were rarely unavailable in the protective custody of either Jenna Jackson or Cecile Moreland, two distantly related neighbors.

Known History: An eccentric fashion designer that resides who splits her time between New Haven and jet-setting to all the major seasonal Fashion expos. Even at during her 'down time' Cyrena keeps herself busy

during the off seasons. Her only living relative is her cousin Anastasia. Born of an ancient magical line, Cyrena is a powerful witch in her own right, seconded only to her cousin, Anna, who is the first-born and heir to their ancient lineage.

Which is more than alright with Cyrena.