Owen Briggs

Name: Owen Briggs
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Service Number: 13-708-927
DoB: 10/16/1936
PoB: Chicago, IL

Bio: Owen Briggs was born and raised in the south side of Chicago, where his father worked in a steel mill after migrating north from Louisiana in the Great Migration. He grew up in extreme poverty, living in a dilapidated tenement just off of State Street in the city's infamous "Black Belt".

The Army was Owen's way out of the gutter, and he enlisted the day of his 18th birthday, and was shipped to basic not long after. He missed the Korean War by a little over a year, and thought he would have an easy service in peacetime. However, the Army life spoke to Briggs, providing a structure and brotherhood he'd never had back home, and he decided to make a career of it.