Harold G. Duvall

Name: Harold G. Duvall
Age: 24
Place of Residence: 9 West Dawson, Shelby, Montana.

Apperance: A tall, gaunt man from Montana. Harold gives off a country-like air with his barely-regulations moustache and wind-weathered skin. Though young, he looks older by virtue of a rough upbringing hunting and exploring the wilderness.

Prior Life: Harold was born in the small rural town of Shelby, close to the Canadian border into the family of a car mechanic, David Duvall, and a local server. They were fairly well off compared to much of the town, as the road traffic through and past Shelby was quite vigorous, while repair shops were few and far between.

Harold grew up with four siblings - two brothers and two sisters -, and could often be found hanging around the "Duvall and Sons" shop floor. He and his brothers often helped out his father on tougher jobs, and learned the trade from a young age - though his ambitions aimed higher than his siblings. His great aspiration was to somehow get into a high grade school and learn to be a real engineer - not only being a mechanic, but creating his own devices.

After finishing high school with decent grades, he spent a few years working in his father's mechanics shop, with most of the rest of his time spent hunting, fishing and travelling the wilderness. However, just as his savings were approaching enough money to be able to make it to a university, he was drafted into the US military and sent to training.

His year in service has been one of quiet competency. Not one to stand out or make himself known, Harold Duvall generally sticks by his fellow soldiers and does what he must to keep every last man alive - and get them back to base safely.