Lawrence North
Name: Lawrence North

Age:  32

Place of Residence: New Orleans Louisiana

Lawrence North was a third generation oil man. Like his father and grandfather he went to work offshore in the booming oil fields offshore in the gulf of mexico. He loved the money. He loved the risk. He loved the life. His soul was married to the sea.
  One day between hitches North and a few members of his crew went drinking in the French Quarter at the Bourbon Street Blues club and a fight broke out. They all took a few lumps and bruises except for one poor fella that Lawrence had hit with a beer bottle. That guy lost an eye and Lawrence was arrested. Although most had expected North to get a hefty fine the judge surprised everyone when he gave Lawrence the option of 2 years in prison or a 2 year enlistment.  North didnt want a prison term so he chose the enlistment.