Leen and Perrin

Leen is all of five feet four inches tall and one hundred twenty pounds, while Perrin looms at every bit of six foot (possibly an inch or two more).

While at first, the petite half-elf believed that she was an orphan child who was grew up on the streets until she was ten or so.  After that point, she was fey-taken and was the companion for an elder fey who was slowly dying of old age.   This was the fey who became her eidolon, Perrin.
The truth turns out to be both stranger and more amazing than that.   Leen is actually the child of an elder goddess, though she still isn't sure exactly which one.   She also believes that Perrin is an elder fey who's been either her caretaker or playmate while growing up.

Leen is typically both cheerful and helpful, though she's also quite a guarded person as well.   Perrin (who doesn't speak because he lacks a proper mouth to do so), seems to hover the background as her perpetual shadow.

Leen also tends to be very impulsive and headstrong, traits that she claims that she got from (and shares with) her mother.  Leen's impulsiveness can make her act first without fully considering the consequences.  She is also quite short tempered, and can be rather easy to irritate and anger.  In addition she doesn't seem to believe in half-measures, which sometimes manifests in a form of over-kill while at other times tends to result in her being a meddler in matters better left to rest.

Leen's true form