Katra Fulora is a native of Sargava, a mage's apprentice of Chelaxian descent.  Her master is sage/apothecary of modest magical skill; he isn't much of a  teacher, but he treats Katra well and lets her study more or less whatever she can get her hands on, and Katra is smart enough that she has successfully taught herself.  Her family is far from wealthy and Katra's apprenticeship is supposed to be their ticket to renewed success, so she feels considerable pressure to perform well, and she's unlikely to turn down an opportunity to earn extra money or fame.  She has a familiar, a raven named Chatterbox who likes to sass people when he can get away with it.  The phrase "Shut up, birdbrain" is common expression of affection between them, in both directions.

Katra is an attractive woman of average height and slim build (5'5", 125 pounds), with the fair skin and black hair typical of Chelaxians and keen, intense dark eyes.  She's usually pleasant company, curious but not nosy, but hints of her ferocious intellect occasionally slip out.