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Cloudborn "George" Byjorsen is a Half Giant, which should be obvious from the fact that he stands nearly nine foot tall and has shoulders that he has to tilt sideways to fit through doors!

He is also a Barbarian, which again should be obvious from the bared torso, armored kilt, and titanic hammer he carries. He hauls around a backpack that most men could fit inside like it was nothing too, iron pots, game boards, and even a bird cage with thrushes inside hang off or protrude out of the thing.

He likes birds, and games, and booze.... the barrel of Ale under his arm makes that clear too.

He is a friendly giant, jokes, flirts, games and plays with anyone willing; unless you're a spellcaster. George no like magic. He automatically distrusts magic and alchemy...though as long as you are not evil about using it (Or if your pretty usually) he will come around to like you despite it. Just don't cast stuff on him...that makes him mad.

You wont like George when he is mad....He tends to solve mage problems by smashing them with that oversized hammer. He is quite good at it.