King Azoun

King Azoun was by any and all accounts a noble and well liked man by his courtiers, his wife and his children. Kind, and fair often given to traveling among his people to better identify with them, to better understand the plight of the commoner. This was useful for him but it also sadly led to his downfall.

When the Stars Fell he was one of those that was immediately possessed and this led to his further change of person. Soon his family walked on eggshell's around him. He ruled his court with an ironfist. Those families that stood against him were killed or imprisoned. When the elves moved into the Kings Forest, it seemed to be one of his final straws, and he began to place gold pieces on elven ears much to the shock and disgust of his people.

Azoun still rules with a sense of paranoia, and underlaying fear. Is the actual King still in there ? No one knows for sure.

Basic Info
Race:HumanHeight: 6'1"Skin: weathered
Gender:MaleWeight: 158lbsHand: Right
Alignment: unknownHair: red shot through with whiteAge: 54
Deity: unknownEyes: blueRegion: Cormyr
Current Status Alive Occupation: Mad King