Tavi is a tall man who seems like he stepped out of some kind of wild love story. His skin is a dusky color that seems look perpetually youthful and his eyes could look blue but they are almost an Aquatic pearl color more than anything. Cut like a marble statue he does or did everything that he could to keep himself in the best shape he could.

When night falls a glow like embers under his skin pulse with his breathing. and he always has an air about him of unrelenting passion and pious devotion. A frustrated man to say the least!

Odd armor made of small leather squares laced together protects him as a scorpion whip rests at his hip. On his back is not a pack but a frame that holds more than a hundred bottles. Behind the frame was a silver long sword that seemed to be used but not enough to be a war sword.

Creatures Tavi has been seen turning into: