Height : 5'64
Weight : 128 Lbs
  Race : Halfbreed (Half Human / Half-Drow)
 Age   : 32
 Hair  : Black
 Eyes  : White

A tale for the cold hearted:

My name is Floki, I am but a simple carpenter. Trees whisper to me. They show me their strengths and flaws. My ancestors lived close to the World's Spine within a small outpost filled with dwarves that traded stone for wood crafted items. I might add that being a half-breed forged between a love affair between a human and dark elf is all but the best. It has taught me that though the world is cruel and cold. Still, there is warmth to be found if you look for it in the strangest of places. This then is where I met Helga, a slave girl owned by the mayor of this godforsaken outpost. I bought her with blood on my hands as I finished a magnificent shield that could withstand not a handful but a thousand arrows before it would break.

It is perhaps not till mid-winter when I woke up next to my beloved Helga with our child in her arms that I heard loud shouting coming from beyond the door. Between the cracks of the door light. Flame. With sleep in my eyes, I got up and stumbled to a bucket filled with water to splash onto my face. Perhaps this had been my fate, my curse. With a blast, I experienced a push. I fell over and together with the bucket I fell onto the ground. My head hit a wooden chest. I must have fainted. As, when I woke up everything around me had been burned to the ground. The smell of ash, of burned flesh. I turned to see two corpses. In that instance all my fears became a reality. She had been the only source of warmth in my heart. And in a split second, it froze. And lost all its ability to keep going. It stopped beating within my chest for a moment, seemingly lasting an eternity. With a hallow death-cry I fell to my knees, and as cold snow covered my body I screamed at the gods to let me go. Perhaps I would meet her again sitting in the halls where great warriors told their tales.

One day I would, but apparently not today

And so after my beloved Helga (and daughter Angrboša) died in the fire, I woke up cold from underneath the snow gathered all my strength and made certain that the lifeless bodies of my spouse and child were properly buried into the earth where no scavanger could violate them more then the fire had done already. Perhaps one day I would return to build them a magnificent vessel to be carried out of this world and into the great halls. If they were to open their doors again. That was to say if the gods were still out there. Hearing my mortal pleads.

And so I gathered my axes and purposefully strode off towards the Earls great hall. Pushing open the doors. A gust of wind and snow drew the attention of all feasting. From far beyond the door a booming voice "YOU and that wreched slave woman who beds a halfbreed should have been dead Floki. Your judgment has been made. Leave to never return or these axes .." a grand gesture towards a few tall looking men holding their axes close to there chests ".. will make certain you shall not rise again !" With rage, I threw myself at the guardsmen as if it had been the last breath of the gods. killing all but the last guardsmen. Standing in front of the Earl. Vomiting insanely.
Rummaging through his chest beside the chair. The earl throws Floki a flimsy rectangular case. "Take this .." and with it, a small purse of golden coins ".. leave now"

Picking up the obsidian case, opening it. A scroll. Strange to the touch lies within. The shades within the case appear to dance around the scroll. As if alive. The scroll upon closer inspection was made of skin. Letters drawn in blood. Making up names. "What is this ?" I ask the Earl in horror. "A contract to have you slain and to safeguard our villages future for events yet to unfold"
What had I done to these names, some of them sounded feral to my ears. Only 1 I recognized. I should start there

And so I left, gathered my belongings that had not been burned and set out towards the Empire where I would need a hearthy discussion with this name

That .. was aproximatly 10 years ago
Apparently he knew I was coming and had been prepared. I died, was cursed. But with my dying breath I vowed revenge. And as I gave my last breath. I had hoped to enter the great halls of the gods. But instead found myself in a grey wasteland.

It infuriated me to no end