Arnold Putnam
Arnold is a tall, lanky man in his late 20s with dark eyes and sandy hair. When in a city or town, he conducts himself in a businesslike or even military manner and dresses the part, keeping up with the latest fashions from Paris, London, and New York, and relying on his proper (for America, anyway) East Coast schooling. On the road between settlements, however, he falls back on the Western gunslinger in him, dressing in rough traveling cloths of cotton and buckskin. His hand never strays too far from the pistol and saber on his belt or his carbine, either slung around his back or in a holster on his saddle. He's not afraid traveling over land, either on horseback or making use of of the many local mounts Mars has to offer. Though he plays the part of the simple merchant well enough, it's clear that he's not unfamiliar with more aggressive methods of trade than simple negotiation.

So far, he's found Mars much to his liking. It's not too different than the Arizona climate he's used to operating in, at least insofar as it's hot and dry. The British rule with a heavier hand than the so-called government of the Arizona Territory, and the locals are sure peculiar, but the way he sees it, dealing with Martians isn't so different than dealing with Apache, they just speak a little less English, and all governments are navigable systems.