William Hammersmith
Before you stands a man in his mid-thirties,  just under six feet, and somewhat on the lean side. He has dark hair with blue eyes.  His garments are old and worn, threadbare in some places. But for all that, they are clean and his trousers even creased. Williamsís hair is combed, and even with stubble on his face, and that is for lack of having the price of a barber. His overall appearance is  that of one doing his best to maintain good grooming in spite of limited means.

 As soon as Hammersmith speaks, it is obvious to the casual listener that he is from the lower class, with a Cornwall accent one could slice with a blade. His normal tone of voice is fit for a gentle soul then a Sergeant in the Army. But when Hammersmith has a mind, his voice can booms across the parade field.

 Overall first impression of the man. One that has fallen on hard times, but carries himself like someone that once knew a well regimented lifestyle,perhaps former military.