Larkin Ridley
Young, fit, with keen blue eyes and full head of raven black hair, Larkin Ridley stands out among the overfed, middle-aged troupe that forms the backbone of the Colonial Office on Mars.  By virtue of his Attaché position, he's avoided the drudgery of stamping visas, or stamping customs forms, or the other various boring administrative duties (most of which involve stamping something) that many of his younger cohort engage in as they climb the career ladder, each intent on becoming the next Colonial Secretary.

Instead, Larkin's duties have mainly taken him outside of the office.  The Londoner is most home in urban centers, though he keeps rough-living attire and camping outfit trunked and ready for any manner of adventure, in his Syrtian bungalow.  Typically clad in a Martian tailored 'we-are-a-long-way-from-Savile-Row' suit, in town Larkin carries no holstered pistol or slung rifle, relaying on the good will of his fellow Man and Martain and forbearance of reptiles.  In the field, he will arm himself with a Lancaster pistol in a brown leather holster and a slung 12-gauge double-barreled shotgun.