Tarrano Grazlak
Height: ~5'6"
Weight: ~200#
Hair Color: Bald
Handeness: Left

Description: Tarrano is possibly the shortest hobgoblin you've seen standing around five and half feet tall, barrel chested with broad shoulders and squat legs. His bald head shows off his clay-red skin color other than a long scar that runs from his right ear down along his chest that has discolored to white since when ever he received it. He dresses in dark green travelers outfit with a well worn dark brown studded leather armour. A pair of daggers adorn each hip, with a quiver and shortsword paired with each, he holds a shortbow in his hand.

Common Knowledge: Tarrano hails from a small tribe of hobgoblins from the Brindonwoods and served as part of the tribes scout force in various ambush of the elven & human tribes and cities near by. He is attentive to
details and reactive to danger, always on alert. Talks about returning
home to claim his rightful place one day.

Fluff: Tends not to think much of humans and others but begrudgenly
works with them as a it meets his needs.