At first glance
Esparam is a young man on his way to his thirties. He is of average build: about 5'11", 165lbs. He looks more slender than muscular, but does not seem physically weak either.

He walks with swiftness and confidence, speaks in a calm, measured way that somehow add some sort of authority to his voice, or at least gives off the impression that he knows what he's doing. He is almost always seen smiling, although perceptive individuals might wonder whether sometimes it truly is  a sincere smile.

The most striking feature of Esparam though, is his piercing amber eyes that seem to scrutinize everything in his surroundings.
His skin has the olive hue of someone who has spent a long time under the sun. Along with his chestnut hair, chestnut beard with hints of ginger, and his eyes, it contrasts with his pure white robe with grey and silver trim.
A single dagger can be seen at his belt, a crossbow strapped to the shoulder, an intricately carved quarterstaff in hand. On the opposite side from his dagger also hangs a leather-bound book, fastened to the belt with leather straps.

Common knowledge
Knowledge Nobility DC15(1)
Esparam is the son of the current head of House Keli'yeli, a family of nobles from the capital of Pekal, Bet Rogala.
As member of a noble family, he has had to mingle and attend to mundane parties and similar. Hence, although not really acquainted with many powerful people, most of them would recognize him as the son of Dragan Keli'yeli.
Knowledge Local (Pekal, College of Magic) DC15
Esparam joined the College of Magic of Bet Rogala recently and has successfully passed the entrance examination, thus becoming one of its roughly fifty students. He was consequently granted the right and obligation of wearing at all times a white robe with grey trim, symbol of his rank of Junior Apprentice.

The Keli'yeli House
Knowledge Nobility DC15(1)
The Keli'yeli took advantage of the change to a merit-based nobility system to climb the social ladder thanks to the family's expertise in divination, and diplomacy, forging strong, long-lasting alliances and partnerships, brokering information (espionage, divination, social networking), and also using said information to protect itself from rival Houses.
The family still is a fairly new and poor House, but they nonetheless figure amongst today's most influential families thanks to smart political ties and usefulness in the capital's government fuelling jealousy and rivalry with new and old noble families.
The House is led by Dragan Keli'yeli, an expert diviner who recently took office at a high level position in Kalamaran Intelligence. The first born and Esparam's older sister, Sara, is a newly ordained Knight of the Arcanum, and one of the first women to be enrolled.

** Unless:
- Pekal citizen DC8, Pekal nobility DC5
- Neighbour state citizen DC10, nobility DC8