Eldon Thrush
Eldon is a young halfling with golden blond hair. His hair stands out so much he was tagged "the Golden' after his first performance in his home village at their local tavern.  He has deep green eyes, standing a tall at 3'6". He normally dresses well and keeps himself clean even when on the road.

Some Background:
The Noble House Thrush is one of the few 'Halfling families' to have swore service to the Kalamar Empire. They are excellent at what they do and everyone who what to move large amount of money around the kingdom have in some way used the services of House Thrush. They are Currency trades and they deal strictly with hi end jewels.

General personality:
Typical for a halfling, he that has way to many thoughts to keep track of. If not moving a mile a minute he talking or spinning some tale about something. And these stories are so really is almost impossible to tell when he is making things up or giving a history lesson. I thing is for sure his and a soft heart and trouble following all the rules.