Human female, sixty years old, gray hair, blue eyes, 5'3" (1.6 m), 99 lbs (45 kg).

She is calm, wise, friendly, empathetic, devout, and dedicated.  She has a loving heart and a listening ear, and makes a good confidante, source of wisdom, moral compass, and/or parental figure.

Her faith is based strongly on a rare surviving echo of Calvinism, including a vague distrust of those associated with a Pope.  The Sovereign One created all, and rules over all.  All proceeds according to The Plan, yet all answer for their choices in The Plan.

Motivations include serving the Sovereign One, serving and healing those around her, exploring the world around her, learning tidbits about the past, and acquiring interesting abilities/technologies/etc.  She has a touch of xenophilia, and enjoys interacting with unusual sentients.

Eleisai is a native of Hayrest.  Her parents perished before she was old enough to remember them, and she was taken in by an orphanage run by the Church of the Sovereign One.  Recognizing her psionic gifts, they provided training from an early age.

The Church possesses an ancient artifact that is able to telepathically transmit their ancient records, including their Sacred Scriptures, as if someone was reading them aloud, and they are comprehensibly perceived in the mind of the listener regardless of any language barriers.  Thus, their writings have survived, preserved even through the passage of time and changes of tongue.

As part of each member's training, they create their own book, writing their own copy of the ancient records as telepathically dictated.  Eleisai has her own copy, which is her most treasured possession.

As an Empath, her experience with the artifact has had an additional facet.  At times, her dreams include glimpses of other experiences from other Empaths that have used the artifact through the ages.  A given dream may be based upon a memory from someone else, perhaps of other places, perhaps of other times... or it may be just a normal ordinary dream.  She usually will not know for sure... although there are times that she encounters a new place or a new situation with a sense of deja vu.

Members spend periods of time alternating between serving in Hayrest and sojourning elsewhere to serve the physical and spiritual needs of a lost world.  Eleisai is currently sojourning.