Attilisk is a bit rough around the edges and certainly no one would say he's cultured, but he's got an enthusiasm for creativity and curiosity that's nearly infectious.  It's easy to catch him sketching designs in a notebook, on a nearby rock, or even in the dirt.  When he spots a new device, he'll often grab it, muttering, "Ooh, what's that?" as he pulls one tool or another from his belt.  He's happiest when he's tattooing, or puzzling over some interesting bit of numenera that's come his way.  On wistful days, he stares at the clouds and talks about wishing to live among them.

Attilisk is of middling height and build.  He is scarred in spots, especially across the back and shoulders.  His legs, lower abdomen, and left arm are covered in tattoos.  Some of them, mandala-like patterns of strange symbols, seem far blacker than normal tattoos, except when they glitter with a metallic sheen in the right light.