Hush is a Korean-American woman in her early 20s. In her natural state, she has dark brown eyes and hair, but she often experiments with dyes and colored contacts - at present she has long, pale blonde hair with her brown roots starting to show. She's also had minor cosmetic surgery on her face, and wears some makeup, although both are aimed at smoothing out her appearance rather than making her more striking or unusual. She stands five feet even, with a slender build that doesn't look particularly muscular or flabby.

Hush usually wears simple outfits that don't stand out or restrict her movements, such as a light coat over a long-sleeved T-shirt and plain or printed pants. Her manner is quiet and often subtly guarded, and even when she's dealing with familiar people, she tends not to reveal much about herself. However, it's no big secret that she's new to the world of magic, and she often struggles to keep up with other mages.