Susurrus Strife
Born in Kent in 1897 to a wealthy family, Susurrus had no connection to the magical world. With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Sussurus was bought an officer's commission in the British Army, for which he was woefully unqualified. His first encounter with magic came late in 1915, when on leave in Ypres, with a Necromancer temple. Susurrus took to the magic eagerly, seeking to preserve the lives of his men, and took lessons there when on leave (which for officers happened every 3 months or so) until the temple was gassed in 1917.

After the war, Susurrus returned to England, where his father located him a tutor for his still-limited magic, a Necromancer unaffiliated with the temples (he had planned on finding a temple in London, but his father wouldn't hear of his son joining a cult). He completed his education, and lived a relatively ordinary life until the Second World War, where he was again called into action.

After the war, wanting a new start, and with the family fortune depleted by the damage of the blitz, Susurrus abandoned his life in Britain, and moved to the USA. In Phoenix, he made an effeort to be on good temrs with the Sanctuary, and eventually started investigating murders. For the last 50 years, he has been a regular part of life for Sanctuary detectives, offering his services and advice.

Since learning about True Name magic, Susurrus has wanted to learn his own, with the stated goal of stopping death forever. However, he has made no real progress towards this goal, and his interest in the subject become a familiar irritant to the Sanctuary authorities.

With the book of names destroyed, Sussurrus has begun quietly searching for his True Name in a more traditional manner, with the side effect of holding himself to his convictions in an even more extreme manner.

Susurrus is 6'2", with wavy black hair, eyes the colour of swiss blue topaz, and  dresses in black three piece suits. At all times, Susurrus wears a trench watch (an early combination of pocket and wrist watch), which he uses to channel his Necromantic magic. He often wears thin black gloves. Susurrus has a polite manner, and his voice retains a little of his English accent, especially when agitated or angry, states that cause him to act increasingly formally.