"-klkt- Saboteur is such an ugly term. =whrr= My function is Scout of the Lukadar Exploration Corps."

Jink is a towering seven foot example of the Machine race, with a brushed steel carapace fitted over dark earthy cloth designed to protect his joints from the fine grit of the Sea of Winds and Sands.  His limbs are too long for his body giving him a lanky, almost spidery kind of impression, which isn't at all helped by the four optics placed on his smooth, jawless head.  Jink's design is well known among the guerillas of the Mining Fields, saboteurs who can scramble up sheer rocky faces and make use of secret and hard to reach entrances to the abandoned mines of the region to harry the Mithra camped out within.

In the Easterlands, Jink has taken to wearing a dark leather coat stained a deep shade of plum with accents of polished steel along the shoulders, high collar, and the fasteners down the center.  The cut is a modified version of the old Dwarven military style, tweaked to fit his taller form.  Nestled into the collar is also a deep hood which he tends to wear among the more "civilized" races, his magacite-colored optics glowing in the shadows of that hood.  Fairly rare for a Machine, Jing has a crude vocalizer which allows him to converse with organics rather than the rapid twittering Cogspeak the Machines are better known for, though it emits crude clicks, whirrs, and beeps as he speaks.

On a sling over his shoulder Jink carries a long, bolt-action rifle, with a number of notches carved into the light synthetic stock.  Unlike his more combat-focused brethren, Jink's weapon isn't built into his body as, in the field, he needed both hands to effectively climb.