"The answer must be out there, somewhere! The world's just too big not to have it."

Kupan is one of the diminutive Moogles, the nomadic people who wander in caravans of chocobo-drawn wagons.  Most famous for their troupes of entertainers and cunning carnival games, they are also known to carry messages from place to place, if the sender is not in too much of a hurry.

Physically, he is a typical example of the species.  With his purplish pom-pom, he might measure waist-high, if the person was slight.  His vestigal, batlike wings fold neatly along his back, and he has a pronounced puff of fur at the center of his chest.  His fur has a slight grayish cast, but only so much as to make him look off-white.

He is garbed in a burgundy-colored vest, crossed with a leather baldric, and a pair of leather bracers.  However, he is unarmed, but for a dusty-colored shard of rock that he insists is magickal.  Hanging at his side is a large satchel, out of which protrude the spines of a handful of bound tomes he has acquired.  Wrapped around his neck is a white silken scarf, with a decorative tassel at the end.

WeaponDusty Shard
ArmorLeather Baldric
ShieldLeather Vambrace
AccessoryWarm Scarf