"How tiresome."

Camomile's appearance makes two things plain: her Elvaan heritage and her family's historical proximity to the Edge of the World. The Malobras long made their home on the frozen east coast of the Arborlands, and Camomile seems a creature touched by snow herself, with pale skin, long white hair, and ice-blue eyes.

At six feet even, she's tall by the standards of Hume women, though average by Elvaan ones. Her ears are pointed and quite long, emerging almost horizontally from her head. Her full figure is usually hidden under her armor, which along with her sword and shield used to serve a ceremonial purpose, making her gear look relatively fancy but more functional than it actually is. Instead of a helmet, she wears a silver tiara set with pale blue stones. Her expression tends to be serious and stoic when things of import are happening, while during periods of downtime she often looks simply weary.