"Ha~! Show me the fire inside you!"

Kapehu Honuamea, or simply "Ka", is a young man that is likely not even twenty, despite his efforts to stand tall. To most, he appears to be a Hume, but to those who are familiar with the Keikikane of Kilauea, his heritage is obvious. Bright, firey red hair seems to flicker and wave on its own above his head, framing his face in a short beard. His eyes are green, but carry that same occasional flicker that makes them seem to shine bright. Despite a broad jaw and shoulders, he's slender and lithe. Despite heavy exposure to the sun, his skin is still fair; his hands are rough from working with them, and small cuts and scars can be seen along his body and interrupting his beard.

He dresses as if he's still on his home island. Loose fitting fabrics in white with red trim and geometric shapes. A loose vest rides high along his waist, the symbol for Kilauea on the back. White linen pants are low and tight to his hips, stopping just below the knee. Geta are tied to his feet with thick, soft ropes of fabric that go up along his calves. Bracers of white fabric are only cinched just below his elbow, leaving the rest to billow and sway with each motion.

Wrapped around one forearm and wrist is a series of rough beads, each with its own little imperfections. The beads end at his hand, crossing along the back of his hand and crossing between his fingers. A larger stone hangs below his wrist, a tear drop shape about the size of an egg, that gives off primal energies.

Ka comes from Kilauea, a volcanic island in the Archipelago of Free Peoples. Kilauea is one of the larger islands in the AFP, but has a sparse population due to the risks that come from the volcano itself. The island is populated by the Keikikane -- Humes that had long since been affected by their connection to the primal and natural energies of Kilauea. While they are spread among multiple villages on the island, they consider themselves all "Honuamea", translated to "of the sacred land", and are united under Chief Pohoikahi. All the Keikikane revere the patron Goddess of Kilauea -- Pele. It is said Pele lives in the volcano, and it is her presence and blessing that makes Kilauea the paradise that it is. While she is most known for the comfort and fury that is attached to fire, she is known to control all the primal forces, from moving the earth, to controlling the waves, and guiding the winds -- all to bring prosperity to all her chosen on Kilauea.

The island is made up of mostly fisherman, hunters, and craftsmen, but boasts a few powerful Black Mages focused on fire. They are most infamous for the powerful Geomancers that claim to be direct descendants from the Goddess Pele herself. The island provides a bounty of fish, fruit, game, and rare synthesis components. The volcano itself serves as an exceptional forge for those working with metal or stone components (+5 to Synthesis when using the volcano). While the Keikikane believe Pele to be a Goddess, most historians suspect she is likely an Esper, or even simply a superstition.

In the last year, the Keikikane have a disconnect from Pele. The island is beginning to lose some of it's prosperity, and the volcano itself is growing more active. Some believe Pele is sleeping, others that she has been stolen away by Sedidas and their devils, others that she has simply turned away from her people. Chief Pohoikahi has assigned his son, Kapehu, to return Pele to Kilauea. After searching the volcano and communing with the island, he believes Pele was taken from the island. He sails out for the main lands to look for clues to return his Goddess to her throne.