"Feelin' the rhythm? No? Let's fix that."

One of the Elvaan, Aisha carries neither the poise or pride of her fellow people. Panache, though, she has aplenty. Carrying herself with the swagger of the Doradan pirates, the tanned, toned woman strikes an alluring figure in the crowd. Unimposing and a little shorter than your average Elvaan at 5' 10", she keeps that bright blonde hair of hers tied back, framing a dazzling smile and warm, chocolate-colored eyes.

Her garb is light and flexible, though she's prone to changing frequently, and is always just barely modest. For the time being, leggings hug her shapely hips, only marred by a belt that hangs to one side, holding several circular metal disks next to a pouch. Her top hugs her curves and bares her midriff, the point to accentuate the fullness of her hourglass figure and draw attention to the bits and baubles of jewelry she wears, from the lovely seashell necklace to the glittering chains that hang from her middle.