She stands in the distance, looking at you unmoving. Except she must be moving, since now you see a gap in her cloak, showing a look of pale young body, completely nude. She is thin, so petite that you are sure you could encircle her waist with your hands.

As long as you look at her unmoving, she shows herself to you, but if tempted by the delights of the pale young body you move towards her, she runs. Do you want to chase?

She is the fox, small, cunning and determined to escape. If by miracle you manage to capture her, she stands there in your strong grasp, breathing hard but not pleading, not trying to escape. You caught her after all, now it is up to you how you want to claim your reward. She looks to you with her pale green eyes and there is a hint of expectation in there.

Sexuality: heterosexual, polyamorous, submissive
Sexual turn ons: Being with multiple partners at same time or one after another, large and powerful men, large toys, being told what to do sexually, being restrained by plain physical force, being praised about job well done
Sexual turn offs: scat, blood, severe pain, being tied or chained with ropes or other devices, humiliation/degradation