Ida Hill
Ida's parents are tenants on lord Evesham's land, farming a small piece of it.They wanted a better and easier life for their daughter, so they got her to work in the mansion.

She works as a kitchen maid. She is not trained enough or pretty enough to be allowed at the front of the house. Rarely she can be seen in the hallways, her back almost to the wall as if she's expecting someone to grab her. Her plain features don't attract any attention in the opposite sex and neither does her shy and quiet nature. Her noticeable feature is her flaming red hair, but even that she keeps hidden under a scarf or hat every waking moment. She is 19, so at the age when most are already seeking a partner, but she seems not at all interested in men.

She is religious and attends the services always. She also visits the confessional often, everyone wonders what a timid creature like that could have to ask forgiveness for.