Arthur Granger

NameArthur Granger
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Job: Baron of Twicks
Weight: 165 lbs
Age 24
Eye Color:Green



Arthur is a noble, and dresses as such. His royal garb is kept in-line with the latest fashions, cuts, and designs that only the elite could keep up with. He himself is also well-kempt and tidy: keeping his dirty-blonde hair in-line alongside a maintained beard. On the outside, Arthur is an extremely handsome fellow who takes strides to groom himself. However, his dull-green eyes are often distant, hollow. Betraying the fact that something inside the man was tormented, something wealth couldn't fix. A mask however...



Reserved and distant, Arthur is the analytical type that spends more time worrying about the affairs of state than much of his family. Level-headed and well-read, Arthur has a knack for disarming situations, and twisting political strife to benefit his family. He seldom leaves the manner, aside from business ventures, but he has gained a reputation none the less.