Brandaelfr Erling
Brandaelfr Erling is an Eldhud, and his Infernal blood is readily apparent. His mother was attacked by a demon while she was pregnant, and gravely injured. In an attempt to save her life, she was given an experimental potion made of the slain demon's blood. Brandaelfr was the result, and while he does not share the poor impulse control of many Eldhud he has an awful temper to cope with.

The power of a rich Jarl can easily cover an Eldhud child's indiscretions though. In time, Brandaelfr decided to use his anger for the service of the Allfather and the destruction of all things undead. While the money certainly did not hurt, the Eldhud has trained hard to be worthy as a holy warrior of the Allfather. He has studied carefully how to cleanse evil and lead men.

Recently, Brandaelfr heard rumor that the Allfather himself had sent a weapon to the mortal realm for use against evil. Using up his vast financial resources to start a quest, Brandaelfr pursued the weapon. The quest took him far beyond Nordlond, and in the end it was a success. It was not without cost though. The weapon was surrounded by an army of undead, and all of the other members of the expedition fell prey. Brandaelfr prepared himself to die gloriously in battle as he grasped the glinting halberd and roared a battle cry. A gleaming flash broke over the sky, and he fell unconscious. When he awoke, the battlefield was littered with undead pieces, and his own Eldhud powers had even been affected. He now journeys back home with his newfound Gungnir, which he is only too happy to claim is a gift from the Allfather himself. He knows the battle ahead will be fierce, but his faith has never been stronger. The undead, and all evil, will be put to final rest.