Fergurth Skogurdottir
Fegurths childhood wasn’t an easy one. She was born the youngest of 8 siblings and the only girl. Her mother died during childbirth so she never knew her and her father was the head of the Borderland Guard. Their family had protected the borders of Nordlond for many generations and she dreamed of carrying on the tradition. The other women in her village would try to mother her but she wouldn’t have it, though her brothers continually picked on her she didn’t let it bother her. She always looked up to them, and wanted to be just like them. Over the years her skills with a bow would greatly increase as her brothers and father would make her hunt for her own food. Her woodland skills increased as well considering her brothers would always hide her things throughout the forest and make her go search for them. She always viewed it as a game and held no bitterness toward them.
  The day finally came when she was old enough to join the ranks of the Guard. When her father nominated her all the members rejected it, saying that the Guard is no place for a female. Distraught, she packed her things and left the forest, she was going to find some way to prove that she belonged.