Anna Cortez

Character Details
Name: Anna Cortez
Age: 26
Gender: F
Profession: Lawyer, advocate for the powerless and aspiring politician
Pathfinder Race: Half-orc
Class: Bloodrager (primalist)

In the 'real world', Anna was a cute, petite young woman. She is short and thin, but athletic and works hard to keep fit. She's done her share of gymnastics and dance when she was young, though the last few years have been focused on her studies. She has a little bit of an edge to her she picked up at University. She wears glasses and has her hair in dreadlocks and died pink and purple hues, with several lip piercings, as well as tattoos that remind her of who she is and where she comes from.

After the jump, she is now in the body of a half-orc warrior woman. She is easily a foot taller than she used to be, and her body carries significant muscle mass. She's still attractive, in a half-orc amazon kind of way.

Anna is kind, empathetic, friendly but also driven, determined and obsessive when she wants something. Able to make extreme sacrifices for what she wants and can be impatient with those who won't. Her time at University has made her into a bit of a social crusader, who recognizes the privilege that being a beautiful middle class girl got her. She was a crusading lawyer, defending those who get ground down by the system. Now she is a monster, seen by many as a threat and a danger.