Carli Carter

Back home, surfer, beach rat, and classically trained ballet dancer with a few secrets. She doesn't like to talk about them unless she feels she can fully trust you. She's equally at home on a surfboard or on the dance floor or recital hall. She had a pretty rough initial upbringing, but some changes as she grew older brightened her world, and has defined her for who she is now.

She earned her BA in Fine Arts and her Master's in Fine Arts at Florida Gulf Coast University, with of course, an emphasis on dance.

Transported to this world, Carli ended up her favorite character, a free spirited dark elf magus, who wields an elven curve blade and mixes it with magic. Naturally acrobatic due to her ballet background, she is quick on her feet, and goes barefoot, years of wearing ballet slippers gave her an appreciation for firmly feeling the ground beneath her feet.

She's almost six feet tall, and has a lithe, graceful form that while athletic, is trim instead of bulky. She doesn't wear any armor at this point. On her hip is an elven long knife, typically known as a leaf blade.