Sierra Culler

On Earth, Sierra was a young college student who enjoyed the night life of phoenix with her friends. She didn't stand out from a crowd, she was happy and pursuing a future. She had a strained relationship with her parents, close ties with her brothers, and was generally a happy person. Several tattoo's and piercings, mostly from rebelling against her family completed the image. She had even finally figured out a career.

It was only when she came to Faerun that normal stood for standing out. Several tattoo's in mostly bright colors adorn her body and judging by the absent clicking of metal on teeth she has at least one piercing outside of her ears. Where as on Earth Sierra was in good shape, she's obviously a bit confused and pleased by the more obvious muscle definition she's gained on Faerun. She's hesitant about the whole situation, wants to get home and yet... Sierra seems pretty entranced by Faerun. More, judging by the firm set of her shoulders, she's not going to back down from the challenge laid before her.

Human Fighter (2)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 133 lbs
Eyes  : Hazel
Hair  : Brunette

Noticeable Tattoos:
Inner Left Wrist: A Rainbow hued Semi-Colon across her wrist.

Less Noticeable Tattoo's:
Lower Back: A Galloping quarter horse of brown with a white tuft on her chest facing her right hip.
Lower Right Stomach: A pair of Rainbow lips with the lyrics 'I kissed a girl' on the top lip and 'and I liked it' on the bottom lip.

Noticeable Piercings:
Ears: Silver Barbell (Lobe Piercing)
Tongue: Silver Barbell