Quill Hosteen
Quill Hosteen

Occupation: IT Technician (Gateway University)
Class: Smart Hero 1
Vitals: Female, Age 25, 5'5", 150 lbs
Nationality: American Indian (Diné/navajo)


    Quill Hosteen is a just above average looking woman, of average height and weight.  She wears glasses when reading or working with electronics.  She is often seen around campus with a bag slung over her shoulder talking to someone on the phone.  She is seen in all the buildings running cable, working on computers or fixing other network problems.  She is known as being precise, meticulous, conscientious and reliable.  In her spare time she takes language classes.

     Her long black hair is usually kept in a loose braid, if unbraided it would just about reach her waist.  If the braid is not hanging down her back, it is pinned up with a leather hair slide.  Her skin is a light reddish brown, her brown eyes are framed with long black lashes.

     Quill prefers to dress in jeans or khakis with either t-shirts, blouses or henley weave shirts.  The weather determines the sleeve length.  She wears either sneakers or cowboy boots.  At work she wears jeans or khakis with a polo shirt with the university logo on it.  She wears either a fleece vest, long tunic vest, windbreaker or winter coat, depending on the weather.  Dress up to her means dark jeans and a blouse, possibly a nice sweater.

     Her cell phone and a pen light are seen hanging from her belt (leather with a silver and turquoise buckle).  She is always seen wearing a leather, silver and turquoise bracelet (ketoh - dine/navajo archer arm guard) on her left wrist.


Quill Hosteen grew up in Farmington, NM.  Her father worked in the oil fields there.  She learned both English and Diné (Navajo) languages at home.  She learned Spanish from the children in the neighborhood.

After her parents died in a car crash she went to live with her mother's parents on the Navajo Reservation in Kinlichee, AZ.  From them she learned more about the Diné culture, traditions, values, etc.  She was especially close to her grandfather, Dennie Housteen, he taught her about languages and electronics (having a small electronics repair shop).  He told her stories about being a code talker in WWII in the pacific.  He stressed to her that people from different cultures/backgrounds/lands can work together if they learned to communicate with each other.  Her grandfather's stories sparked her interest in languages.

Her grandfather died when she was 17, having just graduated from school.  To honor him she decided to pursue an education in languages and electronics.  She received a scholarship to Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, NM and earned an associate degree as an IT Technician.  Then at the encouragement of her teachers she earned a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, with an emphasis in computers.

One of her friends from Navajo Technical University had moved to St. Louis, MO the year before.  She encouraged Quill to come visit her, after graduation Quill took the bus to St. Louis, MO.  While perusing the newspaper she saw a job opening at Gateway University in the IT department. She applied and was accepted.  She has been working at the university for two years now.