Alex Davenport
Alex Davenport is an exchange student from Kenya, Africa. Her family is a affluent family. Her father, Sefu Thimba, is a businessman with dealings all over Europe, America, and Japan. Her mother was an American who had met Alex's father through work. To prevent others from knowing her heritage, Alex's father insisted on her taking her mother's maiden name when coming to America. This was thought to protect her from possible kidnapping or other dangerous situations that could arise from her father's business dealings. Through his influence, he secured her a place at Gateway University where she excelled in many of her classes before graduating with honors. She stayed and continued with a Graduate Program in Forensic Investigation.

Alex learned English at an early age thanks to her father's dealings. She speaks both English and Swahili fluently. She is able to hide her native accent, if she so chooses (which she rarely actually does).

She has dark brown skin, shoulder length black wavy/curly hair, and black eyes. It is clear by her attire and stance that she comes from money, though you never see her flaunt it. She works hard, often going above and beyond what is required of her. She has a dedication to her task and does not let things distract her from it.

Alex works at the college as a journalist/columnist of the college newspaper, Gateway Daily. She also has a blog on the college social media page, Gateway Gab, where she touches on social events and the like around the college.

Most people find her friendly and trustworthy. She is honest with those around her, though when it comes to her work, she is willing to stretch the truth to do what it takes.