There is a saying in Scant. "You never escape." That is what its been like since birth, sometimes I feel like its going to be that way forever. Everyday I see the oppression. I watch as people stave to death, bodies are carted off like cord wood and tossed into fires. Families that will never have the opportunity to properly bury their loved one. The Rebellion tries to fight back, but the evil “Butcher of Scant” makes sure even the largest of Rebellions are squashed like bugs. I do what I an to survive, I'm able to hide from the death-squads, I steal what food I can from the Harbour Quarter. I can still hear the screams of the farmers who were burnt alive in the grand market, my family among them. I have nothing but hate for the Scarlet Brotherhood and what they have taken from me, and the people of Scant. Its been ten years of warfare and I'm not sure when its going to end. I don't remember much about my parents, I know my mother named me after Brandobaris, she always said I was the luckiest thing that ever happened to her. My father was a farmer, as I mentioned before. Him and others tried to rebel against the Brotherhood. Each were burned. We had a small home outside the city, I still remember running threw my fathers garden, but that was all taken away when the Brotherhood came. Some day I am going to escape this place, leave this peninsula, leave Ahlissa. Maybe I'll make my way to Greyhawk, or to the Kron Hills, I once hear my mother speak about family we have there. Its just been me for the last few months. Something tainted the drinking water, we both became very sick, I guess I was still strong enough to overcome the fever, but my mother wasn't. She had been fighting everyday, I guess in the end it was just her time. I'm going to get out of here, I'm not going to die here.