Velus Artian
Velus never set out to be a criminal it just happened...  His father was a bit of a gambler and his mother was dead before he could know her.  From an early age, Velus learned how to read people and use their emotions to get them to make mistakes by watching his father play cards in the local tavern, the Crooked Willow.  Mostly he saw the mistakes his father made as he lost what little money he could scrap together.  He saw how other men and women turned his fathers greed against him to get the fool to bet more money than he should and he learned what he would never be when he was older.   Still, his father wasnít a bad man just a foolish one.  When times were lean, Velus used what he learned to beg food and coin from the unexpecting or slipped a coin from an over-heavy pouch or two.

As Velus grew older he began to try more and more complex cons, shaving coins, marking cards, and generally being smarter than the next guy as often as possible.  Armed with these tricks, Velus continues to try to make his legend grow. Well, as much as any Charlatan would want his legend to grow...  whispers of a shadowy man who can steal your pants and talk his way into a dragons horde that canít be traced to him.  Despite his self serving upbringing, Velus is quite friendly and would love to find friends he could trust.  In his heart he really wants to be a hero...  he just doesnít really know how one would go about that.