Naomh Threxalt
Naomh Threxalt (pronounced NAY-ohm) appears to be human at first glance.  He is above average in height at just over 6 feet tall, and weighs about 180 pounds.  His skin is pale and his short black hair is usually unkempt, and he looks through you with his piercing blue eyes.  But there's an indefinable quality about him, something otherworldly, that tends to make one question his origins.  He's usually walking around wearing priestly vestments or studded leather armor, and has a holy symbol of Lathander around his neck.

Naomh is very tight-lipped about his past, but you get the impression that he is running away from something.  He speaks fondly but wistfully about his parents, as he hasn't seen them in a while, and he worries about when he will see them again.  He is very religious, but won't talk about it.  He sometimes talks as if to himself, but when asked about it mutters about guardian angels.  All in all, he is rather odd.