Haliford Derishcov
An elderly gentleman with a silver tongue, highly refined taste, and a dead family.  Haliford Derishcov had originally surrendered his warrant of trade to his eldest son on his two hundred fifty eighth birthday, but the death of the Derishcov family has prompted Haliford to return from retirement.  He spent a few sleepy years plying the trade routes with what little remained of his family's fleet, but the weight of ages and the allure of using his remaining days more productively prompted him to turn his mind away from the joyful and predictable lanes of tradecraft, and into something a little more... devious.

Along with his trusted crew, Haliford Derishcov has become a pirate--although a well spoken, well educated pirate.  Still, his avuncular manner hides a heart of steel, and while he may enjoy having high provender with the captains of captured vessels, he isn't against ordering the venting of air throughout an enemy ship to take his prize.