Ellis James
Name: Ellis James

Nickname/Title: Captain

Age: 57

Gender: Male

Occupation: Police Captain, Current director of the JTF and CERA liaison in Philadelphia

Appearance: A large man, Ellis was used to showing up in full uniform or three piece suit most days as a police captain and the only thing the chaos of recent events have changed is he forgoes the tie and jacket.  He can occasionally be found later in the day with a cigar in his mouth, enjoying the flavor, wondering if he will ever see more produced. The captain keeps his hair short and has stopped fighting the graying at his temples.

Personality: Ellis has learned he has to be quick to take charge in his career so he is rarely one to sit back and follow.  Still, he tries not to be boisterous but is even handed unless someone pushes him past his calm or frustration builds too much.

Characters History: Ellis was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in a decent, Catholic family, in a cop family.  He kept hard at his studies and followed his dadís wishes to go to college for law to become a lawyer.  But after going to college for a while, he felt the pull to serve and eventually would end up following his father onto the force.  He moved up quickly in the force in Pittsburgh and found love in a dispatcher soon, marrying after a few years.

To grow his career, he eventually moved to Philly to further his career, taking a position as a captain.  He was on a short list to move into the Chief of Police role when all hell broke loose.  No one has heard from a lot of the brass so Ellis has taken charge and is directing all JTF and CERA in this trying time.

Goals: To keep everyone safe and to keep things running smoothly.

Personal Items: S&W Chiefís Special in a paddle holster on his hip.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Likes: People who do what they are told. People who can think for themselves.  Cigars. Whiskey. Classical music.

Dislikes: Fools. People who think they are better than others.