Nathan Trell
Name: Nathan Trell

Nickname/Title: Nate, Preacher

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Occupation: Division Agent (Shipping Executive before call)

Appearance: A tall, lithe man, Nate is uses to being always son the run.  He keeps his hair short and neat but it all too often ends up messed up.  He normally wears high top tactical books both when on duty, under his work trousers, and off duty with his jeans covering them.  Since being called up, he always has a tactical knife on his belt and a handgun strapped to his leg.  A filter with a red skull face hands around his neck normally, ready to head out quickly, a call back to his days in the Corp.

Personality: Nate has learned that it is better to be a voice for reason, even if itís tinged with sarcasm. While he can be a little pessimistic, which he calls being a realist, he is always quick witted and rarely quiet except when itís necessary.

Characters History:
Born in Colorado, Nate lived as the only child of a caring mother and an abusive father who they both lived in fear of many days.  His father was a preacher who liked to drink a little too much, and he only let out his dark side when he was deep in the drink.  For years Nate endured the abuse, as did his mother, but soon enough she was pregnant with a sister and he had someone else to worry about.  For a while, his father didnít drink, seeming to have found strength against his demons but eventually he started to give in again.

One night his father lost himself in the bottle and Nate knew what was going to happen, and he was not going to let it happen to his sister.  He provoked his father before he could go upstairs and take it out on his mother and sister, taking the hard beating.  As soon as his father got tired of it and left to pass out, he called the police who quickly arrived.  Soon, he was being taken away and living in state custody, taking over a year before he would ever be able to get back with his mother.

Eventually, his mother would move to Philadelphia but struggled to make ends meet.  As soon as he was old enough, he was working any job he could to help bring in a little more money, rarely having time for himself.  His only outlet was reading a lot of books, both fiction and non-fiction, on breaks and subway rides.  When he was old enough, he joined the Marines so he could go to college and give one less person that his mother had to feed and clothe.  In the Marines, he got the nickname preacher, both because of his fatherís past and his perchance for being the first one breaking down a door.  After the military, he moved back to Philly to work as a sports supply company as a shipping head.

To either bring some normality to the city or to get everyone evacuated to a safe location if the powers that be find such a thing.  He wants to see his sister and nephew to be safe.

Personal Items: P220 Sig Sauer, M4 Carbine, AA-12 shotgun. Curved combat knife. Level 4 pathogen filter.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Books. Quiet time. Music of all kind

Bullies. Heavy drinking