Dirk Widefoot
Dirk wears a drab blackish brown cloak, blackish brown boots, Drab brown Leather and blackish brown cloths with a drab brown hat that falls behind his head and covers the tops of his ears as whisks of pieces of brown hair fall out from under the hat.   A smile is on his gruesomely disfigured face as a polar opposite grin ear to ear appears when addressed, otherwise he is a very solemn looking but alert expression that is always looking for fun and adventure.  He has a Short Sword at his side and a stuffed back pack.  If you get to see his arms or legs or back/belly you would see horrible scars from some tragic event.  He usually hides his misfortune but will on occasion bare it all when the need arises.

He will tell those who listen to him that as a child he ran with a group of homeless children who all got beat, tortured and burned for there role in helping free a old lady of the forests which the town folk thought was a "crazed witch" to blame for the recent fires in the fields, the famine and resulting deaths that occurred.  Dirk was the only child who survived the brutal attack and will quietly say that the supposed witch was really a poor old lady of the forests who hit rock bottom from the famine and had come to the town for help and was locked up for her unkept and suspicious look and was an unfair escape goat.

Dirk, smoothly whisks a mug of ale off the waitress platter and replaces it with an empty one as she bent over to pick up the fallen half burred copper piece in the dirty bar room floor Dirk had half hidden there.

Standing up the waitress looks to Dirk a moment then goes to take hold of him  but when she takes in Dirks face or the dis figuration of it she pauses and opens her mouth then turns and quickly moves away.

setting at the table is a very old looking half bent bearded human male in chain who  chuckles, you know Dirk, one day that gross shock look you give the waitresses after you acquire a fresh mug of ale will ware off and they will take you to pay for it.   Shaking his head, Dirk sighs, I know but I love so much the thrill of knowing they know I did it but that they cannot look me in the eye and address the misfortune of the loss of the ale.  seeing his friend give him that face of disapproval - hey she got a copper for it and gulps down the ale.