Serzhant Pavel Gregoravich Valenkov
Pavel Gregoravich Valenkov
Branch: Morskaya Pyekhota (Marine Infantry)
Rank: Serzhant

Home town: Palkino, Palkinsky District, Pskov Oblast. Collective farm (meat, milk, potatoes)
Unit: 810th (Black Sea Fleet) Naval Infantry Brigade, 888th Reconnaissance Battalion.

Pavel answered the call to the draft like a good communist boy and his membership in Komsomol and his father‘s party membership got him an NCO‘s badge. He went sideways into a cushy number in support until the war started and then suddenly found himself leading troops into battle in first Chechnya and now the Western Front. Four years later he‘s become a hardened Frontovik who‘s former slack days are but a distant sweet memory
He was denounced for ‘Counter-Revolutionary Activity’ due to his dissatisfaction with the new reversion to hardcore Leninism/Stalinism and deserted before the KGB could arrest him. Since then, after being hunted by his own troops, he‘s developed an intense hatred of "Stalinists" ("Stalinisty") as he calls them. He is, however, more inclined to capture soviet troops and try to sway them to his newfound political zeal for Menshevikism*. Even after all this time he still has strong reservations about capitalism and tends to expound upon it when given a chance.

Pavel has the typical Russian fatalism and this has served him well in coping with the post-nuclear war. This doesn't mean he is dour and humourless, although his humour does tend to take on a distinctly "Russian" flavour that often doesn't translate well into other languages and cultures.

He has a distinct dislike for the various USSR's secret police services, particularly the German Stasi, although he knows the others are almost as bad (if that's possible). He views these people as a lost cause to humanity and can be quite rough with them. Balancing this he has an intense (if rather culturally different) sense of honour and has no toleration for war criminals or bandits ("Bandity"). The plight of the various refugees pains him greatly.

(‘Menshevik’: Russ; ‘Democratic Socialist’. The Russian socialist opposition to the Bolsheviks who lost the original Russian Civil War back in the 1920s)