Gabriel (Gabe) Reynolds
Gabriel (Gabe) Reynolds
Private, 1st Battalion, 194th Field Artillery Regiment, Iowa Army National Guard

Description - Gabe is a male caucasian American from Storm Lake, Iowa. He is just over six feet tall and weighs about 200lb, though he looks gaunt and unkempt at present. He is in his early-to-mid 30s with dark brown hair and thick stubble.

Equipment - Presently he is wearing a mix of clothing including a US Army fatigue jacket with regimental patches, Russian Army pants, grey t-shirt, brown woollen sweater, US Army boots and German-issue combat webbing. He wears a German-issue combat knife at his belt and carries a Czech-made Sa26 submachine gun. On his back is a civilian rucksack

Selected key skills (Skill+Attribute=10+)
- Autogun
- Ground Vehicle (Tracked)
- Gunsmith
- Heavy Artillery
- Machinist
- Mechanic
- Small Arms (Rifle)
- Small Watercraft
- Survival