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--Personal Information--
Name: Sir Tarrant
Age/Birth Date: 461
Son Number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture/Religion: Cymric
Lord: Earl Rodrick
             Current Class: Squire
             Current Home: Shrewton

Current Glory: 1270

Tarrant's father was hero dying before he could really ever know him, but his Grandfather's brother, Anir, would told him tales of his father's last stand at Siege of Carlon. Even though his father was dead; he lived as a larger than life hero in Tarrant's mind.

He longed for the day that he may rise up to take his father's mantle as knight and protector. His mother vowing that he would find another path had her brother the Scholar, Sextus, take him under his wing to teach him all things Roman.

Tarrant excelled at many of the skills of the scholar, but his heart was that of warrior. He would steal away time to be with his great uncle, Anir. Just as the words came easily to him, so did the blade.

His mother did what she could to have him not become squire, but using the skills that Sextus gave him he convinced her that he needed to be both knight and Scholar.

Tarrant is not a small man, but compared to many he is a dwarf in the land of giants. Tarrant carries him self with a proud and regal bearing. When Tarrant speaks, his voice thunders forward with a mighty basso tone.

Tarrant tends to be a thinker except in the case of Saxons. He blames them for the loss of his Father, and he believes their uncivilized ways keep Logres from being truly great.

Hate of Saxons 20
Compose 16
Just 16

Coat of Arms: Represents Warrior Strength, Justice, and Knowledge

Purpure a fess nebuly Argent in dexter chief one foi Argent and in senester base one dexter arm Argent.