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The only child of an only child, as both his father and grandfather both met untimely deaths shortly after having a son, the mantle of leadership rests heavy upon his shoulders.  There is much riding on the young man, and he has every intention of doing his ancestors proud.

Tall, but not unusually so, Edward is by all accounts a handsome young man, with a warm smile and almost musical voice that people generally can't help but find charming.  These, when combined with his quick wit, make him a favorite at any sort of gathering, even if he is relatively young and low in stature.  In fact, it's at these sort of events that Edward's sharp tongue and clever mind are best put to use, as he seems to have a way of ferreting out secrets that others would prefer to see hidden (Intrigue).

Beyond the physical, he's known for having an unwavering sense of morality (Just), something of a rarity in these dark days.